Here are some creations from Media Studies in high school and college:

  • Flash website: My GCSE coursework was to create a website for a band. During my research I found that many band websites used Flash so I decided to learn it for my project. I haven’t actually used Flash since then but I thoroughly enjoyed the project because it was creative / graphics work as well as introducing me to some form of programming.
  • Magazine Cover and Article: For my AS level coursework, I had to create a magazine cover and article (a coincidental band theme popping up!). I especially enjoyed this project  as I  love tinkering around in photoshop. (A good alternative by the way is Pixlr Photo Editor.)

I have always been interested in the media, specifically TV, film and journalism.

I took Media Studies in high school and first year of college. Although I enjoyed Media Studies more, I swapped it in my second year for Further Maths as I thought it would be more beneficial for studying computer science – which in fact it has. However, I feel like I really missed out!

My interest in AI was sparked for the first time when watching a documentary about the making of Lord of the Rings. One of the developers was describing battle scenes and told the story of how they were amazed that the AI characters ran away in fear – they made the right choice! However, it turned out it was just a software bug (CNET news article). Since then I knew I wanted to work both with computers and in the media.


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